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The Little Learning Academy, LLC

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    Our Services

    Infant & Toddler Care

    Building the foundation for your baby’s future success starts with healthy development at the earliest stages. Our classrooms are focused on individual care to help create the building blocks for early learning. At The Little Learning Academy, we foster the joy of learning where your little one experiences a personal connection and can discover their new world in a nurturing and safe environment. Our focus on physical, social, emotional, language, and cognitive development assists in promoting your baby’s development into their next stage as they prepare for preschool and beyond.

    Preschool Program

    We believe every child is a natural learner. Numbers, letters, colors and shapes are introduced and mastered as your child is developmentally ready. Each preschool classroom offers exciting ways to learn through hands-on activities while allowing children to develop social skills and build relationships with friends and teachers. Our weekly themes and daily schedules allow children to thrive in a fun environment that offers educational opportunities as well as time to learn, build peer relationships and contribute to their classroom community. In addition to the classroom, our outdoor environment provides opportunities for learning and fun. Each day children have the opportunity to develop a love for learning through literacy, mathematics, science, creative play, physical development, and social emotional development.

    School Age

    The school age group has needs different than the early childhood classrooms. During our before and after school times, we offer a chance to relax after the vigorous school day with arts & crafts, games and physical activity. If children need to spend some time on homework, a space for this is available. When summer comes, our camp approach offers science and math fun days, creative arts, and opportunities to work together in teams to create and reinforce problem solving skills.

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